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Golovan and Partners

Golovan and Partners

Law Firm

Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The logo is represented by the historically formed symbol of the justice – scales, and it also bears the fundamental information messages of the legal practice and the main ideas about the jurisprudence, advocacy: matching of the events, occurrences, documents, evidences; equability; comparison; making the right decisions. The logo of the company is a pair of scales that are simplified to the font symbols – two round brackets. The logo is presented by the scales that are turned trough 90° according to the position of the font character-forming symbols. The logo itself dictates the style - it is splitting the space in two parts (upper and lower) that confront, balance, and begin a dialogue. Consequently, the logo and the style expose the motion – comparison, balancing, search of the truth.

Awards :
SHORTLIST – KIAF (Ukraine), 2008, the “Corporate image, visiting card, corporate blank, envelope” Category

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